Sprite Charm Keychain

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Get your hands on one of our amazing Deity Sprite Keychains. These acrylic charms can hang from your wallet or purse bringing toko's flair to your everyday. 

These are single-sided keychains. 

Aga (1.67" x 2") - Everyone needs a bit of green in their life, and this charm adds that in a convenient and easy to transport form, great for putting on bags and purses.

Aippaq (TBA) - Balance is key, as Aippaq so thoroughly embodies. Let him balance out any lack of charms you may have on a bag or purse.

Borga (TBA) - A small splash of blue makes for a great eye catcher, and the tiny spikes only enhances that. Great for bags or purses!

Meelanik (2" x 2") - Light up your life with this fiery statement piece, great for bags and purses.

Nagruk (1.31" x 2") - Silence is golden, and this hunter is the perfect, silent companion to watch out as he hangs from a bag or purse.

Sikrinerk (1.45" x 2") - Drive away any bare spots resulting from a lack of charms on your preferred bag or purse.

Sivoganik (2" x 1.9") - He's got eyes everywhere, and he's ready to go on a sightseeing tour while attached to a bag or purse.

 Art by Lachtaube

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