Faction Logo Charm Keychain

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Get your hands on one of our amazing Faction Logo Keychains. These acrylic charms can hang from your wallet or purse bringing toko's flair to your everyday. 

These are single-sided keychains.


Pack Leaders (2" x 1.82") - Let this symbol of Strength and Endurance accompany your keys, wherever you need to go

Prestige Breeders (2" x 1.6") - This symbol of Beauty and Grace is the perfect fit for your keys

Lore Keepers (2" x 1.77") - When it comes to Spirituality and Peace, there is no greater symbol to attach to your keys

Knowledge Seeker (1.77" x 2") - Curiosity and Knowledge are a perfect accompaniment to your keys

Wilderness Trackers (2" x 1.89") - Adventures through the Wilds aren't complete without this symbol of the Wanderer attached to your keys

Token Brokers (2" x 1.83") - The symbol of Wealth and Industry can only find a home on the snazziest set of keys


 Art by Jollymutt

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