Totem Tattoos

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All Tokotas have a spirit animal, what is yours? These tattoos can be applied to any Tokota to show off the symbol of their favorite spirit animal. While a Tokota can only choose one spirit companion during their life, these tattoos are much more versatile - why choose when you can have them all?

Wolf, Bear, Raven, Eagle, or Deer, the choice is yours!

  • Tattoo symbols can be downloaded here.
  • Tattoos are one use items that cannot be removed or transferred to another Tokota.
  • When applied to a Tokota, you may choose any of the 5 symbols to apply. It does not have to match the Tokota's soul animal (nor does the Tokota have to be dominant). You may use multiple Tattoos to apply multiple symbols
  • The rules for color, size, number, and placement follow the same rules as regular handpaints.
  • No additional handpaint item is required to apply Tattoos.
  • You must purchase the 'Totem Tattoo' item to apply the symbols. You may not download the symbols and attempt to apply them using regular or crafted handpaints.

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